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Power Projects Turn Around

Power Projects Turn Around

OEG is very successful in reviving the sick power plants facing insolvency process.

A detailed Techno commercial analysis will be done by experts in this field and very optimum solutions are decided and implemented to revive the unit.

Turn around strategy includes
  • a) Capital infusion
  • b) Complete refurbishment of the power plant
  • c) Enhancing the efficiency of the power plant assets by detailed analysis of the coal consumption and auxiliary consumption etc
  • d) Optimisation of the coal and auxiliary consumption
  • e) Renegotiating the agreements for fuel supply/power sales or arranging alternate sources of supply and sales
  • f) Operating and Maintaining the power plant efficiently so that all the stakeholders’ interests are fulfilled

OEG has successfully done the “turn around” in power plants in India and is a pioneer in this field due to its 25 years of association in this power industry.