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South Ganga Waters Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

South Ganga is specialized in Water Treatment and Desalination Services and over the years has carefully drawn a specialized, highly motivated and uniquely experienced team with extensive design, supervision, practical operation and maintenance and troubleshooting experience in Reverse Osmosis Desalination and water treatment technologies. The owners of South Ganga are among the pioneers in the field of private desalination and have installed a 800m 3/day desalination facility in Ramanathapuram District, Tamilnadu which has been operational from 2005. This facility supplies water to combined cycle power plants in Ramanathapuram. Similarly South Ganga has commissioned a 3MLD desalination Project in Tuticorin supplying water to Thermal Power Plants in Tuticorin. All these projects are 100% owned by South Ganga.

Our Philosophy is to address the water demand by supply through Renewable & Eco friendly water which we call Renew Water.

South Ganga waters technologies is a Group company of OEG. OEG-Operational Energy Group- is a large Operations and Maintenance company in Power Plants and Industrial Plants employing about 3,000 direct employees since 2002. For more info please visit the web site www.oegindia.com.

World is rapidly running out of clean water. The situation in India is even worse with rapid urbanization and frequent monsoon failures. Further it is aggravated by demand for water by industries. As the Indian national water policy declares, the priority will be in the following order Drinking water, Agriculture and industries. We at south ganga offer environmental friendly water solutions to meet the increase in industrial development.

Constantly increasing demand for industrial water is not being met by traditional sources of water. SGWTPL offers crystallized industrial water for discerning customers using the latest advanced technologies and environment friendly processing. SG ' s pipeline network will ensure cost effective and timely delivery.

South Ganga shall extend the following guarantees when they take up contracts:

  • pH @ 25° C : 7.28
  • Total dissolved solids : 14mg/L
  • Silica Level : BDL
  • Hardness(CaCo3) : 1.5mg/L
  • Turbidity : 0.1 NTU