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O&M of Power and Process Plants

O&M of Power and Process Plants

Performance based Maintenance Contract Services

A competitive environment places stiff challenges in the path of companies in terms of cost, quality, technology and market position. In view of this, companies have to place more responsibility on service providers to reap maximum benefits in terms of quality and quantity. Service providers who can take up complete ownership of the equipment / assets of a plant are in great demand.

We offer our clients Performance-based Operation and Maintenance Services or only Maintenance Services on a turnkey basis. These services directly produce:

  • Optimum Plant availability
  • Minimization of Maintenance Costs
  • Optimization of Inventory
  • Reduced Downtime and Surprise Breakdowns
  • Understanding our customer needs.
  • Providing quality personnel and systems that enable us to achieve those needs
  • Concentration on lean operation and lowering costs.

We clearly understand our value of the customer is only measured by achievement of their needs. Each customer has unique needs and our first task is to understand them and establish goals that meet each needs. Each employee will clearly understand their importance in achieving those goals.

The ability to meet the needs of our customer entirely on the quality of the individuals performing work combined with a well-organized action plan. We place extreme importance on employee selection, training, team building and motivational programs assure the quality of personnel and that they work as a team. Our action plans are pre established and proven but are continuously evolving as we find more cost effective ways to complete our tasks.

On-going training program will be provided to ensure each of the employees receives technical, safety and emergency response training through out their employment. Management training will also be offered to employee who occupy or seek to occupy leadership roles in organization. Incentives for personnel safety, facility performance and conditioning will be offered to each employee to further enhance their motivation to operate and maintain the facility in a safe reliable and efficient manner.

In staffing a facility, we support the concept of self sufficiency to minimize the dependence of outside service contractors who could have different priorities in completing work for the facility. The O & M staff will be self sufficient in completing frequently occurring activities such as routine operations, light equipment repairs, preventive maintenance, reporting, payroll and purchasing. For the infrequent or highly specialized activities such as major equipment overhauls, a separate major overhaul team will be established and a portion of the planned outage if necessitated by scheduled constraints.

In securing the long-term financial viability of the facility, we will strive to balance profit objectives with asset preservation, environmental compliance and personnel safety.